• Client : Lot66
  • Category :
    • Digital Advertising
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Design & Development
  • Date :April, 2018

Project Brief:

Lot 66 is a premier dining experience in Thunder Bay, Ontario. In updating their website, Lot 66 wanted to provide more information on their finely-crafted menu, and give visitors an insight into their ever-changing prix fixe selection.

The menu and beverages pages are divided into sections. Each section is fully customizable. They can select a light or dark colour scheme, add a background image, and an additional image, and select the menu items they wish to appear in this section. Menu and beverage items are managed as custom post types. Each menu item has its own post with select fields such as a description, price, etc.. This was implemented so that the client only has to edit the menu item in one place, and the information will update on multiple pages of the site.

In addition to easily managing menu items, the website administrator can easily update information on team members, add new reviews, modify and update image galleries, and manage forms such as gift card requests.